Name: Julia Coombs

Age: 58

Occupation: Local Estate Agent – Wilkins Vardy Residential Ltd

Bolsover is brilliant because to me it’s a great town with a real community feel – a thriving heart encompassing warmth and friendliness, generosity of spirit and a strong cultural heritage.

My daughter used to manage the Castle for English Heritage, and it still fills me with a sense of pride when I see it proudly standing on the hillside. The close working relationship between the local council and EH has always played a major role in successfully promoting local events.

So what does Bolsover really symbolise to me?  Down to earth people always ready to pass the time in friendly conversation, local shopkeepers who never forget a face, easy local parking (no “road rage” here!) and a lovely market square – the central hub of the Town. Countryside on the doorstep and good motorway links provide the best of both worlds. WITH ALL THIS TO OFFER, WHAT COULD BE BETTER!